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The Young Prophet.

I was flipping channels this morning and ran across  Prophet Manasseh Jordan  on BET’s Morning Inspiration...I am watching  and thinking this young man  reminds me of someone....Then it hit me Benny Hinn! After during a little  research come to find out Benny Hinn is his teacher and Hinn  also had  prophesied young Manasseh birth.     "Master Prophet Bernard Jordan" is his father...Much of what Bernard Jordan teaches came from the late Rev. Ike.... Prior to his death....Now  Rev. Ike was heavily involved in the name it and claim it, prosperity, positive thinking, the “GOD-IN-YOU,”and  faith healing..... Young Manasseh Jordan  was once affectionately referred to as the “Young Prophet” by peers and folks in the  congregations....But now he's best known as "Prophet Manasseh Jordan"Who   began his  ministry at the age of eight and he carries with him the power of hope, healing and restoration...Which   is bestowed upon the lives of those he touches....Prophet Manas…