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Barbie Has A Sugar Daddy!

Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken is Mattel new Barbie...Which will be release in April 2010, and that's the actual name Mattel has given to the doll... Ken comes with a wavy blond hairdo, green jacquard jacket, pink polo shirt, crisp white slacks and a Maltese puppy on a pink leash... Mattel explains by saying that the doll is targeted towards adult collectors, and they have a defense of the "Sugar Daddy" moniker: "The little dog's name is actually Sugar," says a Mattel spokeswoman. "That's where the name comes from.... He's Sugar's daddy, as a reference to the dog."Yeah Right!...
So, is Mattel saying Barbie's a gold digger now and she ain't messin' with no broke Ken? Question: If barbies are for little girls, why do they need to know about sugar daddies?