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Kudos And High Five To Bishop Eddie Long And The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church!

Praise, hats off, pat on the back, congratulations, shout out and a high five to Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church family.  According to their Facebook page the church is preparing to baptize close to 400 souls tomorrow morning for the kingdom of God. Job well done!
Update: picture below of candidates ready for baptism. To God be the glory.

"4th Sunday Baptism" (Responsive Reading)

Come, Holy Spirit, come, Heavenly Dove. As we approach baptism, let us be mindful of our brokenness and be grateful for our redemption through Christ Jesus.
Lord, cleanse us from sin and make us wholly yours.
Baptism marks the beginning of our Christian journey. It is a time of initiation into responsibility and commitment to Christ. Through the symbolic cleansing of the water, we lay down our old selves and are born again as new creations in Christ.
Come Holy Spirit. Take our lives and make them new in your name.
In the Jordan River, Christ was baptized by John. Come, Holy Spirit, come. Trouble the water, sanctify it that all who are baptized here may begin new lives of obedience to God.
You are the refreshing spring, the living water that never runs dry. In you, we thirst not.
Through baptism we are buried with Christ into death. As Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of God, we, too, are raised from the baptismal waters to walk in the newness of life.
Make of our lives an accep…