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Son In Jail!

My son did not pay his bondsman so they picked him up. They came into my home why I was at work and took him. He only had his boxers and a tee shirt on. He call me from the holding cell trying to make me feel bad about everything. He knew that he was responsible for paying that bill. He only had to pay the bondsman 25.00 a week. I paid almost 2,000.00 for him to have his freedom. But I let it be known that he had to keep his self out of jail. He did not take me serious so that is why he finds himself behind bars right now. He will go before the judge on Feb 11. Am I being to hard on him? Should I have paid the bondsman for him? It will be 1,300.00 for him to get out. So I am going to wait and see what will happen in court on Feb 11. Why is it hard for me to let him go?