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Preaching The Cross!

Very few men are preaching the real gospel today but I believe Jimmy Swaggart just happens to be one who is. Did he sin 20 something years ago? Yes! Did he repent?I sure hope so and it appears he has...While sin it self may cause us to lose our fellowship with Christ at that time it don't affect/effect our relationship with Him... From what I understand he refused to come under church “discipline” for personal reasons at that time...I will say he is just one voice out of many who are trying to stay away from the name it and claim it bunch by preaching the truth... I am glad Swaggart did not allow his sins to cause him to give up on his gift and God.... Instead he's able to get the message of the Cross out in such a wonderful way.
One thing Swaggart is during now days is that he opposes the teaching of Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life and has begun a “Cross” message preaching that the only way to life eternal is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). As you probably are a…

Are You In A Back-Slidden Condition?

When I was a young Christian, I used to hear the word "backsliding" a lot. After a while it became almost a cliché. You know what I have noticed!I don't hear it much anymore I wonder why.

The word appears in Proverbs 14:14: "The backslider in heart will have his fill of his own ways, but a good man will be satisfied with his." It appears 9 times in Jeremiah, 3 times in Hosea, and 1 time in Zechariah.These verses give us a crystal-clear picture of the backslider.

A non-Christian cannot backslide, because they have no place to slide back FROM. The backslider is one of the Lord's people who:

Jeremiah 3:6 -- Has started loving and worshiping other gods.
Jeremiah 3:12 -- Is alienated from a positive relationship with the Lord, causing God to become angry.
Jeremiah 3:22 -- Is spiritually sick and needs to be healed.
Jeremiah 8:5 -- Clings to dishonesty, and knowingly will not confess sin or get right with God.
Jeremiah 49:4 -- Puts her trust in material wealth.