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Putting Money Into The Hands Of Those People.

I was watching Morning Joe this mornig and thought Joe was going to blow a vessel or something. Scarborough, Buchanan and even Mika screaming about how the recovery bill "gives tax breaks to people who don't pay taxes"."Putting money into the hands of those people" But I thought the working poor pay sales taxes and payroll taxes. Scarborough went on to say the federal governments writing checks to people for doing nothing. For doing absolutely nothing. Well Joe isn't that what we just did for the banking community? Did we not just gave them free cash with no strings? For Joe to call it a socialist bill is total stupid. I believe money in the hands of the elderly and the poor and the middle class will stimulate the economy much faster than giving all those banks and CEOS the money.

They're talking about the article, in the The Washington Post. I thought when times are tough Congress usually decides to work together in the best interest…