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Atlanta The Black Mecca.

Have Atlanta become the Black Mecca? I am looking from a different perspective. Is it that people see it as a better chance for this America Dream? I just move down here to Jacksonville Fl. and I here people talking about going to Atlanta Ga. I got kin folks in Atlanta they always talking about it's something to do all the time.

Isn't that true in all major cities? Maybe that is the place to start a new life. What about the employment in Atlanta? That should be the first question ask before even thinking about moving. You here a lot new graduates saying ATL here I come. You can find all your big name churches there even if they don't preach the gospel. If you are looking for that prosperity gospel, touch your neighbor and God want you rich gospel you can find it all.

I have visit Atlanta many of times and what I love about it is to see Black America running so much of the city. My family reunion will be held there this year. I don't like the church that the …