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The Nation's First Black President Is Not Worthy Of An Honorary Degree.

I don't use ugly words in my house but sometimes I want to say what the "Hell" is wrong with people.... If being a U.S. Senator and President of the United States -- the so-called leader of the free world -- is not enough to be deemed as having made significant contributions to society "Hell" who is... Obama also has a long list of contributions to education.
The first bill Obama sponsored in Congress was the HOPE Act.... He developed comprehensive plans for students to receive education benefits in exchange for public service... Not to mention that he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review, taught Constitutional law at an ivy league university, and, among many other accomplishments, served as a community organizer where established an adult education program and a college preparatory program in inner-city Chicago. It is hard to see how these achievements fail to merit honor.ASU will not award President Barack Obama an honorary degree…