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NEW MUSIC: J. Long And Angel Taylor “Woman of God” Remix!

This is not your traditional Gospel message at all but the message in itself is truly a powerful one.    J. Long new Christian Hip Hop artist along with award winning Gospel singing sensation ANGEL of the female  Gospel group Trin-I-Tee 5:7.....has cause quite a stir within the Gospel community with their latest “Woman of God” remix.

The lyric describes a woman of substance and class, but more importantly a woman who believes in the heavenly father. 'J. Long' asks God to send him a woman molded as a God fearing woman, and someone who he knows will make a great wife, mother and complete his life.

Then you have 'ANGEL' a woman asking God for a man who walks in the ordered steps of the heavenly father and will add to her dynasty as a wife and mother and remain as a child of God is a message well conveyed over this four minute track. LOVE the message and video! Source: