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The Return Of The Idol.

A billion dollar franchise is on the line. Were do these people come from that end up on camera? Why don't their family tell them they can't sing so they want keep making a fool out of them selves?
To be sure, American Idol's not going anywhere soon. But even the show's biggest fans have to admit that there's a little something wrong with the Fox network's golden goose last time out.I think the problem stretches back to 06 season, the show's most-watched edition, in which disappointing, charisma-less winner,Taylor Hicks, rode to victory on the backs of older American.Things can only get worse this season, as a field of lackluster contestants come and go.
Last night we saw the nuts come out. Here's a few ideas:
ACTIVELY RECRUIT CONTESTANTS. When open casting calls kept attracting the same kind of people then recruited a more diverse group that helped revitalize the program. Idol expands its open casting calls every year, yet the same nuts increasin…