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Obama Will Make This A Black Country If He's Elected.

If a Black Man becomes president do that make this a Black Country? I ask because I have read that statement on a lot of forums. The white folks want to say that America will be seen as a Black country. That is so stupid. Is that the reason the so call working blue collars workers won't vote for Obama? I truly believe that is in part the case. Here is one for you, look at our churches If you are a black pastor your church body will not be mostly white. Here's an example, look at Joel Osteen church now look at Jakes or even Dollar when the camera scans you see the body looking like the head but, it's alright to be a white pastor and have a body that is made up of mostly black. That's why I will stand on this that most of our churches represent the thoughts of the real America. I have no problem sitting under true teaching no matter black or white. John Macarthur, David Jeremiah, John Piper and Chuck Swindol are some of my favorite teachers who just…