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Do Some Pastors Use The Altar Call To Inflate Their Church Rolls And Compete With Other Churches?

That question was a bit surprising to me along with: Why do some churches perform a altar call every Sunday? How often does your Church do an altar call? Can a  pastor manipulate the flock with guilt and  shame by using the altar call? Those are  questions I saw on a message board  yesterday.

Certainly altar calls can be coercive, they can appeal to emotion instead of scripture, they can be overused.....but that is true with any church practice there can be abused...the one that comes to mind is tithing.

Now, my church doesn’t give what can be referred to as an “altar call.”but  there's an “invitation” offered for those who want to accept Christ, rededicate a life that has gone astray, to come forward for prayer, or to share how God is working in their life.