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Put A Little Love In Your Heart.

It wasn’t until recently that Al Green, who in 2005 was ordained as a bishop by Pentecostal Bishop Albert E. Reed of the Church of God & Christ in Memphis, really felt comfortable embracing non-devotional music. Green said he is still hurt by the scorn heaped on him from various religious circles, including members of his Memphis congregation, for recording a pop duet in 1988 with Annie Lennox.

Green said the problem that the church had with Lennox was that she was not born again. The song was "Put a little love in your heart". When the song cross over and became a pop hit he really caught Hell from church folks.

Green said what could be more religious than that?” Green asked. “I just couldn’t understand their (objections). “There is a whole bunch of religious people having such frustrations with love and happiness. . . . And I didn’t have any problem with that, otherwise I wouldn’t have sung it.

Green said he started evaluating all the things the church had a probl…