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Captain Chelsey Sullenberger

If I am going to call any one a hero in this 21st century it would be Captain Chelsey Sullenberger. I find myself welling up with emotion and almost in tears whenever I see a news report about that US Air flight and Captain Sullenberger. And hearing an seeing the poise and calm exhibited in those cockpit recordings has solidify my reactions. The Captain was on 60 minutes Sunday and I had to fight back tears the man is so humble. I don't know the captain but from what I've learned and seen since watching that US Air jet floating perfectly and safely in the Hudson River is that this is a man who deserves every accolade he's receiving and many more -- and those accolades still don't seem to adequately reward the depth of his quiet heroism. For me it's not about that perfect landing it's more about the humble part. The Captain performed his job perfectly and precisely, with grace, modesty and discipline. Even in the aftermath, he's n…