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2ND Sunday (Woman Day)Celebration!

Welcome to our 1st annual women day, the colors are purple and white.
The speaker is our very own 1st lady. The theme is "Who can find a SuperWoman! [Proverbs 31]. You know the woman that can do every thing but the right thing. Who think that she can raised a male child without his father. The one that makes the bacon take it home and fry it in a pan. The one that don't need help in any kind of way. The one who can tell GOD a thing of two. The one that finds herself at the end of the day by her self. The dinner will be served in the fellowship hall after service by the deaconees [when ever that will be]. This is just a test to see who can remember growing up with this type of women day celebration. I don't know why most of the churches had purple and white. I attended one last year that had Gold and Green. Now that was a change from tradition. Do you remember your woman day celebration? Do you remember the theme?

Solo is by Mrs Sandi Patty! We shall behold Him!!