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The Black Church Love Titles!!

When did the title "First Lady" creep into "The Black Church"? If not mistaken  that's a  title once reserve for  the president wife.....That title have been miss used in almost all of our Black Churches.... I am not saying that there's anything  wrong  with a pastor wife being call that ...But, isn't that an improper title being used in an improper way? Since this is my blog I will put it this way...Why should the pastor wife be put above other women in the church? So do that make her better than the other hard working women in the church? To me by doing this it can causes problems within the church....Me personally I don't like it.. I am willing to say the 1st time I heard that term used in church was with Bishop T.D Jakes.... He called Mrs. Jakes 1st lady.... I've been hearing that term every since.....For some reason the church has  a way of  allowing things to creep into the church, and we being the church just let it happen...Isn'…