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Get Me The Belt!

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. Police said an 11-year-old girl threatened her 7-year-old sister with a gun to force the younger child to play with her on Monday at her grandmother's residence.... Police said the girl also pointed the .38-caliber pistol at her grandmother... The "CHILD" surrendered the gun after the grandmother made several demands for it.

Now let me say this... there's nothing that a good old fashioned spanking/whipping wouldn't have cured here....And before all y'all anti-spanking/whipping people jump my case for saying that tell me what would you had done beside call the police?...My mom would have beat my a$$ until I couldn't sit down for a week....I bet I wouldn't pick up another gun and I would have learn not to do such stupid things....The weapon wasn't loaded but police believe the girl didn't know that. Police said the two girls argued and the 11-year-old then retrieved the gun from her grandmother's bedroom....S…