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Question Of The Day: Should Single Men Be Eligible To Lead A Christian Church?


I don't know if this is a good thing or not but, there are lots and lots, of single pastors within the Christian Community.  Some are single by divorce some by death and some by choice. And from the look of things it's becoming more a trend and  the norm.

Once upon a time, long ago this (single pastor) was frowned upon and considered by most to be a taboo. After reading the piece over at The Christian Post it got me to thinking and asking questions like:

Are single men disqualified from the pastorate? If so why?  Are single pastors in a sense more qualified for pastoral ministry and are better suited for it than pastors who are married? If so why? Do you the reader agree with that statement? If so why?   What if a single young man believes in and preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, then should the fact he's single be a barrier to him being a pastor? If so why?   Does the phrase “husband of one wife” in 1 Timothy 3:2 still apply to today's pastor? If so why or why…