Kirk Franklin Reveals He's Finally Found His Birth Father at 53.

Kirk Franklin discovers his biological dad lives in the same town as him. His mother denies it, even though a DNA test twice returned a 99.99% score. The man Franklin long thought was his biological father died in recent years. But while recording his new album, a singer he had hired from his hometown told him that she'd met a man at a funeral who said he'd once dated Franklin's mom. The man's name: is Richard Hubbard — and he's lived in the same neighborhood Franklin grew up in all of his life. (You Can Read About It Here)


  1. I saw his story on YouTube. It was very touching and disturbing.
    Unfortunately, secrets and questions like this happen all the time and black families and we have failed to deal with it as a whole.

    Even if you’re not a fan of Kirk Franklin, watching his story unfold is heart breaking, in that so many lies kept him from knowing his true father. It’s a good watch.


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