Should A Church Or Christian Organization Use An Non-disclosure Agreement?

 What yall think? In my opinion, there is no place for Non-Disclosures in God's work. I may be beating a dead horse here because I have written on this before on this blog, but I continue to read how churches and Christian organizations, when someone leaves the ministry or is let go, are asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Sometimes, the refusal to sign an NDA has financial consequences if the person is owed a severance of any type. But my question, as always, is this - why should a church or Christian organization demand people to sign an NDA? Churches should be transparent. We should have nothing to hide. Part, but not always, of the reason behind the pressure for people to be quieted by signing these NDAs is to not make known to the public issues within the ministry, in fact, in some cases, hiding poor behavior (bullying, mismanagement of funds, people questioning how a church or ministry is doing things). 


  1. I think NDA's are great. So many of these snakes join churches and are not even saved. Then when their true colors are revealed, they wanna do whatever is in their power to destroy the church.


  2. If a church is asking you to sign a NDA, my first question is WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?

    Clearly it’s so scandalous that afraid for you to leave and tell other people.

    If a church ask you to sign an NDA, walk away.
    They have some skeletons in their closet and are afraid of the consequences when/ or if it comes out.

    1. They not trying to hide nothing. They are trying to protect themselves.

  3. Everyone in Ministry should. This will prohibit ill seasoned ministered to run their mouths of the people they counsel.

    1. Correction….. Ill seasoned Ministers in the church …..


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