Is your • F A V O R I T E • pastor on this short list?

What yall think? Did your favorite preacher, teacher, televangelist, or aka 'PROFIT' make this "rich & famous" short list of living off people hard earned donated money?   I always question lists like these......especially to a great extent; and very much when you don't see many right-wing pastors like Franklin Graham is not on the list.....he's worth $10 million. How did he not make the list? Profiting off of “non-profits” is a lucrative business! 

 According to this link (, the following is a list of the richest pastors in the world: 
1. Kenneth Copeland (Net worth estimated at $300 million) 
2. David Oyedepo (Net worth estimated at $150 million) 
3. Pat Robertson (Net worth estimated at $100 million) 
4. Joel Osteen (Net worth estimated at $80 million) 
5. Benny Hinn (Net worth estimated at $60 million) 
6. Chris Oyakhilome (Net worth estimated at $50 million) 
7. Creflo Dollar (Net worth estimated at $39 million) 
8. EA Adeboye (Net worth estimated at $35 million) 
9. Rick Warren (Net worth estimated at $28 million) 
10. T. D. Jakes (Net worth estimated at $20 million)


  1. Yup. TD Jakes.


  2. One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard.

    “There is nothing wrong with a PASTOR being RICH,
    But he shouldn’t be RICH SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS A PASTOR.”

    Some of these pastors don’t need a salary from the church now because they have created businesses for themselves to sustain their lavish lifestyle.

    But each and everyone of these pastor got their start up money for their business from churches untaxed tithes.


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