Is Kirk Franklin Using The Incident That Happened With His Son Kerrion To Promote His New Dating Show?

What yall think? Kirk Franklin claims that he’s still dealing with the effects of his oldest son’s decision to leak a private phone conversation between the two....which I call bull!  In March 2021, Kerrion Rashad Franklin shared a recording on Instagram of the conversation between himself and his father. In the shocking clip, the gospel award-winning artist can be heard yelling, cursing, and threatening his 35-year-old son. He also said things such as “I will put my foot in your a–” and “I will break f––g your neck.” Kirk later apologized for the remarks that still haunt him today, calling it the “worst two years of my life.”  “It traumatizes me to this day,” he told Page Six. “It is very difficult, and my wife will tell you.”

In my opinion, he wouldn't be so upset about the leak if he wasn't presenting himself one way in public but differently in private. If you practice what you preach and sing your response to the situation would have reflected it. Character and integrity are something that we have when no one else is looking.


  1. Amen. I think Kirk’s trauma comes from embarrassment and shame. Kirk never imagined that the church would hear him using such filthy language especially towards his own flesh. But I remember as a child, walking up to a church members house to ring the doorbell, and overheard her calling her young daughter every name in the book. I couldn’t believe my ears because she was always testifying how we was supposed to live holy.

    1. Should have heard eric Mitchell in Detroit call Belind all kind of bitches because he
      And pat mckinisty showell wanted lockes Jewry you know she didn’t want them in her business . Darla brooks and Chaz Boes we’re her buddies now that was a team

  2. That son of his is terrible. And yall trip me out. Like yall are the same home as outside the home. You bunch of Pharisees!

    1. EXACTLY! Who cares the language he used against his disrespectful son. Listen to what he said about Jesus not being the GOAT, that Satan is the GOAT. Not to mention how he's used his worldly carnal fleshly music to gear up thousands and thousands to people to think they have a relationship with God because his music caused them to be put into and emotional and altered state.

      God never used music to save anyone. He used HIS GOSPEL message. Kirk's led many astray and their blood is going to be on his hands. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    2. I guess it’s normal for the “saints” to curse out their kids and to not have integrity to walk the walk at home and in the streets. Yet the world is lost.

  3. His son is a complete Jerk, that was a private personal conversation between them. There was nothing illegal going on.


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