Get Out Of Here, Minnesota Pastor Who Married Son’s Ex-Wife Remains in Ministry, But Son’s TikToks Going Viral🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

What yall think? I think some things should not be named among the Christians. "Despite marrying his son’s ex-wife, and allegedly grooming and dating her while she was still married to his son, a Minnesota pastor remains in his position. The pastor’s son, however, is now going public with the 14-year-old, shocking story on TikTok—and his videos are going viral. "Andrew (Drew) Matthews told The Roys Report (TRR) that he shared his story on TikTok to warn others about spiritual abuse at his father’s approximately 200-member, word-of-faith church—Solid Rock Church in Elk River, Minn. Drew’s father, Bill Matthews is the lead pastor at Solid Rock. And Drew’s former wife, now his father’s wife—Ana Lorena Matthews—also serves as a pastor at Solid Rock."


  1. Ms.Ann a problem in many churches is that people are afraid or are taught not to question the pastor . First place a pastor does not counsel family members & more especially one of opposite sex there needs to be another person in the room when counseling anyone of opposite sex & it is usually the spouse of the pastor. I do not think the pastor is entirely to blame because we are all created to say yes or no & the daughter in law had that right. But there is one element when in a failing marriage a interloper who gives attention she will like it & start craving it.

    1. Ok but let's not forget the fact that the woman agreed to this. It's not like she's powerless.

  2. Both are wrong! This is a disgrace beyond measure and the congregation is just as wrong to condone this in a so call pastor. Wrong on so many levels...


  3. Everybody involved was wrong.

    It was wrong for husband to go to HIS father for counseling.

    It was wrong for the wife to EVEN CONSIDER having a romantic relationship with her father in law.

    And the fact that this pastor saw nothing wrong with any of that and then pursued the wife/daughter in-law any way is down right wrong on all levels.

    He definitely shouldn’t be leading a church. But these modern day pastors have no shame or oversight.

  4. How can any woman sleep with a son and his father?

  5. “Don’t have sex with your daughter-in-law. She is your son’s wife; don’t have sex with her.
    “Those who do any of these abhorrent things will be cut off from their people. Keep to what I tell you; don’t engage in any of the abhorrent acts that were practiced before you came. Don’t pollute yourselves with them. I am God, your God.”
    Leviticus 18:15, 29‭-‬30 MSG

    1. Funny you forgett Lev. 20:12, you liar.

      "And if a man lie with his daughter in law, BOTH OF THEM SHALL SURELY BE PUT TO DEATH"!

      Stop with your hate for men.

    2. Calm down sir/ma'am. Your mind has fabricated false assertions.

    3. Nah.

      I see you.

      You picked a verse to hone in on the man.

      You told a half truth...which is a LIE!

      And no, I will not calm down.

      I do NOT support the hands of the wicked!


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