Whistleblower Accuse Hillsong Church Founder Brian Houston Of Money Laundering, Tax Evasion And Shopping Sprees😒

Well, Hillsong Brian Houston is in the news once again, (you can read it here) this time with fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. I’m afraid way too many ministry leaders live lavish lifestyles and use the church’s money as their spending spree. This is not surprising and frankly, I’m not surprised by this article. It's being alleged Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, and possibly Chris Hoges has being paid tens of thousands of dollars in honorariums. I don't believe honorariums are wrong. What do yall think? 


  1. The average church's median income in ONLY a MEASLY $125,000.00 per year. And fools wanna suggest taxing churches because of misdeeds of a few? My guess is all thosecl in favor of taxing these churches DONT EVEN set their feet in a church. You don't hear regular church goers ever never suggesting the church should be taxed. The devil hates the church and he uses his folks to do his bidding to speak and against anything Christian. May the devil and his followers burn in hell!

    1. All religions are money pots for the founders the Catholic church is no exception.
      Tax them all no more freebies that say they support the poor but in fact support the rich.

    2. "All religions are money pots for the founders the Catholic church is no exception." (LIE!)

      Scream tax them all you want,...it ain't gonna happen!

  2. Christianity is big business and in every business there is corruption. People come to Christianity because they know they can prey on the weak and the vulnerable and make a fast buck off of them.

    1. LIES!

      Christianity is God's design and plan so that sinners like you can know HIM!

  3. Ann it disgust me how could these people who so called ‘Christian leaders’ spend the tithe money on lavish lifestyle while on the other parts of the world billions of children died of hunger, where the tithe money should be directed to. It’s clearly what it’s said in the Bible God clean His houses of these people who turned ‘House of prayers’ into dens of robbers (Mark 11:17)

  4. Hillsong is just messy from the top down.

    They did to pack it in and start over.


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