Rev. K.W. Tulloss The President Of The Baptist Ministers Conference Got Some Splaining To Do.

This is sad being a pastor and leader of a black baptist association group and to have a mess like this associated with your label/label is bad. (You Can Read And Here The Tape Here) There are reports that those higher-ups got tapes of him calling some woman a *itch , an idiot, and threats against his own wife. I couldn't believe that this is the President of the Baptist Ministers Conference. Someone said hearing his voice on the tape was eye-opening of the man who could use such language.   Rev. K.W. Tulloss is pastor of the historical Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California, he was reappointment as the President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Los Angeles. I wonder does his congregation know he allegedly admitted to watching Only Fans, and Swingers websites and soliciting his daughter's friend for sexual relations as a guest in his home. (You Can Find The TikToks Here, Here, and Here


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