Jinger Vuolo" Daughter In The Mega Family Of "The Duggars" Exposes False CULT Teachings Of Her Family By Bill Gothard 👏

I’m glad she is speaking out. I never cared for their show. You could always tell the mom and dad we’re not quite right. And the dad was incredibly creepy. I once worked with some devout followers of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, founded by Bill Gothard. Jinger Duggar from the mega family of the Duggars has now renounced his philosophies that she grew up practicing. Jinger Duggar was a breakout star on the TLC hit series “19 Kids and Counting,” which chronicled the infamous Duggar family’s strict religious lifestyle and iron-fist Christian values. Since the show, a flood of controversy has surrounded the Duggar family—from the #FreeJinger movement to Josh Duggar, Jinger’s brother, being sentenced to 12 years in prison for child pornography charges. Jinger joins “Tamron Hall” for an exclusive sit-down to talk about life now, her relationship with her parents, and raising children with her husband Jeremy Vuolo.


 Jinger Duggar said that "she thought it was all true, all these teachings from this man I had followed. It was a teacher that I grew up thinking was teaching me the Bible. And I thought that his words were the words of God," Vuolo explained. "It wasn't until I got older, I stopped and started to examine his teachings." "He's definitely a -- false prophet, false teacher," she continued. "Initially, he comes on the scene with the answers to life's biggest problems," Vuolo said she is still a devout Christian, minus the long skirts and patriarchal rules that plagued her upbringing.


  1. I sat under some of Gothard’s teachings during my teen years. It always seemed curious that he fancied himself such an expert on marriage and child-rearing having never been married or raised children.


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