Come Out In Jesus Name, Can Christian’s Have Demons?

Throughout my timeline, I see people talking about this movie. I just can't believe people are actually supporting the film. There's nothing wrong with the message of deliverance, what's wrong is some of the folks delivering the message. I see a lot of posts today all over the internet from people who went to see this movie last night. Stories of people screaming, rolling on the floor, throwing up all over the theater, etc. What am I missing here? There is No Biblical Example of a believer in Jesus Christ being demon-possessed. All cases of demonic possession were with those who were unbelievers. YET...Greg Locke claims all Christians are "demon-possessed" (whatever that means) whether they realize it or not. Greg Locke is now allowed to re-write scripture? Is that what this is about? Disturbing... 😐

Update, I hear the film will be playing again on April 11 and 12. right after we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who “when He sets us free we are free indeed,” BELIEVERS who are told they have in dwelling demons, will be flooding theaters to still be set free.


  1. If a Christian sins they open themselves up for torment. Sin is sin regardless who does it and the punishment is the same. Being a Christian is not simply a title you wear, it's a lifestyle you choose on a daily basis. If you don't live the life then the title means nothing.

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  3. I know right Ann. This started on at ASUZA. Black folks love ASUZA. Bishop Mason was into voodoo.He had a mental illness and COGIC used to believe they could cast out demons. They don't anymore because people knew what they were doing was stupid.

    1. Did you know Bishop Mason?

    2. Did you know Bishop Mason and have you seen him work Voodo


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