Christian Rapper Lecrae Is Facing Backlash For Being “Woke” And Keeping It Real👏👏

What do you all think? Christian Rapper Lecrae is facing backlash for being “Woke” and keeping it real. Heck, most of us Black people are "woke", that's our word that we created after all. We understand the context behind it and the value we get from it. Them coming in and changing the word & flipping it to fit their standards and political recklessness is very typical of them. White evangelicals use Christianity as a form of dissonance to justify their rhetoric, racism, and intolerance. They’ve warped the language in the Bible to fit narratives that absolve them of accountability. There is nothing wrong with being woke.


  1. Mrs Ann you’re right that most blacks are woke from a white Christian perspective. It’s not so much that he is “woke”, its just that LeCrae’s audience was primarily white Christians and when he began to reflect his actual culture, he was rejected by those who elevated him because he was a good Christian rapper whose music sounded good as the secular ones their kids couldn’t listen to. I applaud him for that.


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