Tennessee Megachurch Pastor Returns To Pulpit After Six-Week Absence For Alleged Adultery🐾

How can you spiritually lead a flock when you are in desperate need yourself? That's just inappropriate, and that's not something you just get over in 6 weeks. The fact that he can't see that is a sign to me that he hasn't fully dealt with what is going on...I wish him the best. He needs help, he doesn't need to be on stage. 

Anyhow, according to Julie Roys,  Tennessee megachurch pastor Tavner Smith returned to the pulpit at Venue Church in Chattanooga on Sunday—six weeks after allegations surfaced that Smith had engaged in an adulterous affair and eight of his staff quit. In a short statement read to the congregation, Smith apologized for engaging in an “inappropriate relationship” without noting specifics. “You all are very well aware that I’m not perfect. But I do love God with my whole heart and I do love you. There’s no excuse for my behaviors and the hurts I’ve caused. But I believe there is healing in walking out a brand-new season.” Dr. Julia Dahl, an image repair analyst, and professor at the University of Michigan told The Roys Report that Smith's statement raises red flags. “This completely ignores that his actions are at least temporarily, if not permanently, disqualifying. There is no real repentance when the actions are: 'I’m sorry. And on with the show.'”


  1. Blah, blah. Crisis management image team stepped in with the usual "corporate religious script" speak after his vacation.


  2. This man broke up two marriages (one being his own), lied and denied about the affair even after a video of them kissing and LITERALLY being caught with his pants down.

    And they think a six week hiatuses(vacation) and a lame statement is suppose to allow him to continue to preach???

    HE is disqualified and shouldn’t be preaching AT ALL.

  3. I guess Jamal Bryant got some competition.

  4. What do you all see in forgiveness or a person asking God and others for forgiveness? You cannot blame or criticize a man for asking, nor not serving or sitting down for as long as YOU thought they should have. As for Dr. Julia Dahl's comments, no offense Dr., but our sins are forgiven by God, who restores us, regardless of what we done. So those our qualifications. I don't know this man, but we are commanded by the word of God from Ephesians 4:32, "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." You are not allowed to put conditions or terms on it, because God unconditionally forgave and loves you. To keep talking about it otherwise only shows you following your will, and not God's. I say this not in defense of the Pastor, but in accordance with the word of God.


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