Wilberforce University, AME Church School, Cancels Debt For 2020, 2021 Grads!

The 2020 and 2021 graduates of Wilberforce University, a school affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, had an extra reason to celebrate during their ceremony on Saturday (May 29) in Wilberforce, Ohio. Their president announced that any debts they still owed to the historically Black university had been forgiven. “Because you have shown that you are capable of doing work under difficult circumstances because you represent the best of your generation, we wish to give you a fresh start,” said President Elfred Anthony Pinkard. “So therefore the Wilberforce University board of trustees has authorized me to forgive any debt. Your accounts have been cleared and you don’t owe Wilberforce anything. Congratulations.” As soon as Pinkard said the words “forgive any debt,” the masked students started screaming, shouting, and jumping, prompting him to smile and laugh before he continued his surprise announcement, which was streamed live on Wilberforce’s YouTube channel.


  1. They got the money to relieve these debts from Jack and Jill Inc. and President Trump Care Act. Nothing from Black Lives Matter. IJS.

    1. Stop the madness. You couldn't be that stupid!

    2. Be happy for these young people. They had to preserve through a global pandemic. There is no need for that comment.

    3. I always wanna know where the money is coming from.

    4. Be happy for the people paying off these debt.

    5. Not only thankful for the donors Johnny Hopkins, but sending some of your money to Jack and Jill Inc, and possibly voting for Donald Trump if he decides to run again.


Shout Out To Some Of The Old Black Church Followers

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