Should Christians Get A Prenup? Gizelle Bryant Says She And Pastor Jamal Bryant Didn't Have A Prenuptial Agreements, Therefore It Was A Fight Over Money!

So what's a Prenup? and should they be a part of a Christian couple's marriage?  A prenup is short for a prenuptial agreement. This is a mutually agreed upon contract by couples prior to marriage. The contract lays out what happens to the couple’s assets (money and possessions) should they divorce. Who gets the house? Who gets the car? How will the money be divided? All of these questions are answered in the prenup. I find this interesting that Gizelle Bryant says she and Pastor Jamal Bryant didn't have a Prenup and it was a fight over money.  Gizelle Bryant is sharing more details about her apparently contentious divorce from her ex-husband, mega pastor Jamal. In my opinion, there is no reason for two Christian people, committed to God and each other, to need a prenuptial agreement.


  1. If the Bible is "AGAINST"divorce, wouldn't it stands to reason it'll be against anything "IN CASE OF" a divorce?


  2. "Man's ways are not Gods ways, neither are man's thought God's thought."


  3. If your so concerned about money Matters if you split up BEFORE YOUR MARRIED. You should either stick to dating that person or move on to someone else.

    Can’t remember the exact year they divorced but it’s been AT LEAST 10 years or more. Why is she STILL bringing it up.
    She either wants desperately to stay in the spotlight (like Jamal) or he really hurt her bad.


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