Pastor Donnie McClurkin Address The False Statement Posted By The Apostolic Church of New Orleans不不

Yall Pastor Donnie McClurkin took to his social media page last night to address a false statement posted by The Apostolic Church of New Orleans regarding him and the service he was never scheduled to attend. Donnie apologizes to those in New Orleans that was led to believe he was to minister at this church.  Donnie says he forgives the ministry in New Orlean's lack of integrity and lack of truthfulness that would literally put him in a car accident to cover the fact that they never secured his ministry nor spoken with his management. Donnie said that there was no car accident nor non-life-threatening injuries ...and there was never any appointment made for him to speak... It's unfortunate that this ministry didn't tell the truth...he apologizes to anyone and all who were inconvenienced by this...and to the ministry in question...please do things honorably! God bless you, all! Pastor Donnie McClurkin


Update: Pastor Donnie McClurkin apologizes.


  1. Since they are in the business of lying, I would have just waited for everyone to show up on the night he was to supposidly preach, take an offering up, then put up someone else up to preach and give no explanation other than he couldnt make it. They would have walked away with more money that way.

    Silly Sheeple - smh

  2. Well, I've been lied on, cheated,
    Talked about, mistreated,
    I've been used, scorned,
    Talked about sore as bone.

    I've been up, down, almost to the ground
    But long as I got king Jesus, long as got king Jesus,
    Long long long as I got
    I don't need nobody else.

    Donnie knows this song.

    Maybe now he should sing it!

    Cause you know what...

    If they lied on Jesus...

    They gonna lie on YOU!!!


  3. Is this a joke. This can’t be for real. But if it is real.

    Donnie DOESN’T need to apologize for ANYTHING.

    This church needs to explain why they can’t seem to tell the truth.

    And Lady Karla Amedee Boyd was bold enough to put her name to this double lie.

    It’s a shame.


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