Oh My God, One Of The Largest Hospitals In Texas Suspends Nearly 200 Workers For Refusing To Get C*VID-19 Vaccine😏😏

Hubby and I have not been vaccinated and I work for one of the largest hospitals in Jacksonville. We are still undecided about taking the vaccine. Houston Methodist Hospital became the first medical center to mandate employees get the experimental C*vid19 vaccine, which didn’t go over well with the staff. Now, an R.N. is leading the charge, along with 116 hospital employees, to file a lawsuit.  Nearly 200 employees at Houston Methodist Hospital were suspended for not following a policy that requires employees to be vaccinated against C*vid-19. Dozens of workers had protested against the policy on Monday.


  1. Good for them! Thousands of people have died and have suffered serious side affect after taking the jab. And these are medical professionals too. Even they know this is not a vaccine. Let's see that LIAR Fauci tell them to "follow the science".

    Trump said all along that this virus leaked in a lab. Now it's being proven through email that that Idiot Fauci knew all along and even funded China gain of function research.

    Joe Biden has been pushing taking that toxic shot to the Black community even making barbershop and beauty salons as places where the shots can be administered.

    They are now trying to vaccinate all our children. Children are dying way more from suicide than from COVID.

  2. Lady Brock , There are going to be more these lawsuits to come. I too live in Jacksonville and work at one of the largest hospital. I am not taking the vaccine. I have seen several peoples have side effects from all three brands. Our bodies our choice. I am going to continue to take my vitamins and eat right and exercise. I want to live

    1. The sad thing is that the major media networks cover up all these atrocities that results from these poisonous injections. Now they want to push the idea that anti vaxxers are conspiracy theorists. Nothing can be further from the truth.

  3. This isn’t new. Hospitals require many vaccinations for their workers to protect them and the public. No one is entitled to work at a hospital or anywhere for that matter. These are all choices. If you don’t want to follow your employers reasonable requirements, then find a new job.

    1. And hospitals, CDC, NIH and Fauci should speak the truth to the about this deadly poisoning vaccine. Many of these folks worked for many many years at this hospitals even before COVID. So dont give me that garbage about public safety when folks are dying and suffering because of some ridiculous almost mandated law they want to vaccinate everybody, even those less susceptible of even getting COVID. Get out of your sheepish mentality.

    2. There's nothing sheepish about me. I'm not here to persuade anyone into getting vaccinated if they don't want to. I personally know of over 250 people who’ve been vaccinated, all from my church. Not one of them have died. But we did loose 17 members to the virus - some of whom thought they weren't susceptible. That being said, I agree that getting vaccinated is a personal choice. But when you work in a medical setting, they have a right and the responsibility to enforce policies to protect the public. If a vaccine scares people more than the virus, they should be willing to find workplaces where it's not mandatory.

    3. And if doctors and nurses who are medical professionals want to protest knowing their personal circumstances surrounding their very own job security, what they know about death and illness they see on a first hand basis, and even some intrinsic and detrimental details about the harms of these vaccines, they have a moral right and an obligation to protest and speak out against what's going on in that regard. It's being said by peered-reviewed medical professionals that this mRNA vaccine spike proteins may not always cause instant death or sickness, but could have some latent effects that may cause harm later. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens to all those who have been vaccinated. I'm sure they will do the media cover up so that if some or many die, they'll say it was not because of the vaccine. Just like many nurse and doctors have sworn they were told to say patients died of COVID when in fact COVID was not the thing that killed them. Fact of the matter is only less than 0.2 of the people who supposedly contracted COVID supposedly died from it. Yes many have been made to "fear COVID" and lies they said about it, so why not "fear" their vaccine as well. No one should be forced to take that vaccine regardless where they work. If these companies are going to make policies, they need to consider all aspects before regulating. Even with these masks and the lies that have been told about them. Thank God for some of these Governors who got rid of those stupid thing and opened up businesses and schools where children don't have to breathe in their own carbon dioxide 6 hours of the day.

  4. Did anyone hear about the football player in Denmark who collapsed on the field and almost died? It's being said he took the vaccine about 2 weeks ago, and many are saying the cause of his illness is due to the vaccine. Luckily he survived. The leaders of many African nations and countries around the world are pushing against mass vaccination.


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