Lord Have Mercy Pastor Rick Warren Is Retiring!

Yall Saddleback Church Senior Pastor and Founder Rick Warren have announced he's retiring. Now, this is quite interesting. I never thought I'd hear that Rick Warren would leave the church he made famous, or at least step down as the Pastor. Quite interesting. Today, Rick Warren announced that they will begin searching for his successor.  Warren will transition to the role of founding pastor once a successor is named.


  1. Congratulations to Pastor Rick Warren and his wife.

  2. Praying for them. But shouldn't there already be Pastors in his team that he has been raising as potential successors that can fill in that role. I assume they already have the DNA and history of church. A lot of these mega churches successions can go wrong. I would love to see John Gray take the helm of that church.

  3. Praying for Rick Warren & kay warren they have left their mark on this generation and encouraged so many - not only at Saddleback but all over the world. Thankful my path connected with theirs.

    1. Anonymous I don't believe John Gray would be a good fit for that church, I'm just saying.

  4. Ms. Ann I'm praying for lots of wisdom in this... Rick will be very hard to replace.

  5. I never heard of this man. Is he a sound biblical teacher?

  6. Ann, this will be a hard task to complete. I have seen some strange things in regards to succession with the committee model like the one Saddleback Church will used. When I was a kid, our very large church called the pastor with a 97% congregational vote. As an adult, a much smaller church committee changed the selection criteria when their candidate didn't get the congregation's approval over a person who had been at the church and doing the work for several years but didn't meet the educational requirements. I have always been of the opinion that the right person will pass whatever test/standard/requirement is laid out before them. It disturbed me to the core that a committee thought it knew more than God about who should be in charge...

  7. I find it strange when a pastor who has been pastoring for multiple years has to search for a successor. What has he been doing for the last 20 years? Paul had his successor already discipled and ready to go, Timothy. Moses already had Joshua among his ranks. JESUS already had HIS successors among his ranks. The prophets had prophet guilds working while they were prophesying and ready to take over immediately. I struggle with pastor search committees of a tenured pastor and church.

  8. Numbers 27:12-17 As soon as God told Moses he was going to die in the wilderness Moses’ first thought was to ask God to “Set a man over the congregation...so they be not as sheep which have no shepherd.” Those were the next recorded words from Moses’ mouth after learning his death was looming. That says a lot about his commitment to the people of God that his thoughts went directly to a successor and a leader to the people despite knowing his own demise was imminent.

  9. It doesn't matter they get the "right" person to succeed him. That church and its large number of people teach and believe a lot of lies Rick Warren will leave behind. This is not a Bible church. Rick Warren says he know people who are followers of Christ in other religion.
    Beware of false prophets, wolves in sheep clothing.


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