Joseph Was Not A Dreamer!

Today's online social media influencers are big businesses, especially if you happen to have a large following.  All Bible readers know that Joseph was one of twelve brothers—the second youngest—but he was his father Jacob’s favorite son, as he was the first son of Rachel, and was born to his father in Jacob’s old age. With that same energy, all Bible readers know that Joseph was known as the DREAMER. Well, Social Media Influencer KevOnStage posted the following clip from Pastor YPJ to his 2 million followers, which has caused the clip and the comments under the post to go viral....while causing a very interesting conversation.  I agree with most comments I too have never heard it preached from this perspective. Some are saying that this is not a good biblical interpretation at all......and Joseph was a dreamer, a dream interpreter, and gifted in administration.....the pastor doesn't have to negate one to highlight the other. What yall think?



  1. I am going to agree with you Ann.

    Seems as if he went out of his way to poke fun at the fact Joesph only Interpreted few dreams.

    To the point he seems to discouraged other people following their dreams.

    None of that was necessary to get his point across.

    Yes Joesph interpreted dreams, but he was ALSO gifted in Administration.

    But with today’s charismatic preachers, they have to over state EVERYTHING for the theatrics.

  2. Ms Ann. Let me say that I mean no disrespect with my comment I'm about to make. But it seems everytime you make a post about this guy, I have a problem with what he delivers.

    For when you read the Bible about the life of Joseph, you will NEVER EVER get the sense that his dream / interpretation should be minimized. As a matter of fact, none of God's words written in the Bible should be viewed that way.

    This joker comes across as condescending saying Joseph only had 2 dreams. All the games played by Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kareem Abdul Jabbar combined pales in comparison the few dreams God showed to Joseph and the Spirit's interpretation of them.
    So How senseless it was this joker uses the illustration to compare a mere basketball experts to the limited amount of dreams God gave to one of His own. He should be the last to talk about Joseph in this mealy mouth way. At least Joseph did not ask for a "Sabattical" when he felt the stress of being abandoned left to die, imprisoned because he was lied on unlike this "weak" minister.

    For this guy with all this weak energy to want to appear to be motivating to teach his lesson that "we shouldn't let others tell us about the gifts we possess" is wrong ungodly and unbiblical because Paul NEVER used this low approach to tell the saints that all of them are gifted and they should use their gifts to edify the body.

    Something is off about this dude almost in a sense he lacks a certain type of fortitude a real MAN should have.

    And he got over 2 million followers? LOL. No wonder the Lord says about how many stray away being seduced having itching ears.

    1. Anonymous I agree with you...but he doesn't have the 2 million followers, KevOnStage has the 2 million followers. It's because of KevOnStage very large following, is why this is being debated.

  3. How does he figure that Joseph only had 2 dreams? It's amazing how the church will limit people ability in the bible to what was recorded only. I know a lot of people who dream and they all have had more than 2 dreams. Why is he assuming that Joseph on had 2 dreams in his lifetime? That's a very narrow minded and unwise interpretation of scripture and it speaks to how he perceives God talks to his children. Also, why is Joseph's gift limited to Administration? There are 9 gifts of the spirit and God did not say that each person on earth only receives one gift. I know people who are gifted in more than on area so this teaching is flawed.


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