I’m Still Looking For A Proverbs 31 Wife That Must Meet This Criteria.

Definitely some issues here with this guy....he did this same kind of a post two years ago but I don’t actually have a problem with him knowing what kind of life partner he wants. Lots of women want attractive, ambitious, or successful, intelligent men who are God-fearing, willing to travel, good listeners, confident but not showy. Most also have height preferences.




  1. Let's be honest and genuine with our comments here, because the last time this was posted, many joked mean things about this man.

    I get it, some of his “criteria” may be a little bit off. I get that.

    But his idea of seeking for a wife to have certain traits and characteristic is not a wasted effort, and I encourage all men to do this. Too many of us think with the wrong head, if you know what I mean.

    When you note Proverbs 31, it is Lemuel's grandmother telling him the kind of woman he should look for if he is to marry. Big problem in our households is our mothers and grandmothers are teaching SONS all how they should “treat a woman (giving into their every demands), and they DAUGHTERS what they should EXPECT from a man BAD BAD COMBINATION!!

    They are not training their DAUGHTERS to be good wives, that if they are to marry, how they ought to love their husbands, and how should obey and submit to them. Heck. Most of these mothers can't by example teach they daughters nothing about husband/wife NOTHING because they themselves aren't married.

    They are not teaching their SONS how to love their wives like Christ loves the Church and gave himself for it. How he should wash her with the water of the word, if they should marry.

  2. There is nothing wrong with his criteria but some of them gives me the side eye. Preferences are okay as long as they don’t morph into preferences. The height requirement is just plain silly, but if that is what he wants, there is no argument from me.

  3. "Can sing"? If she can't, how is that her fault? That's seriously a silly request for a mate. I thought height requirements were ridiculous, but singing abilities? Okay, now I've heard them all (I hope).

    1. Well if she can't sing, and that's a biggie for him, she's disqualified.

    2. Why would that be an issue? That's literally a God -given talent that has nothing to do with basic adult skills or wifely duties. I see why he's still unmarried two years later.

    3. Well he is a prophet. And maybe he desires a wife who would compliment his ministry with the ability and gift to sing. Nothing wrong with that. He should not settle for what he desires. With God all things are possible if we wait patiently on Him. He can still minister even if he never marry.

    4. I'm Baptist like most black Americans and don't believe in modern day prophets or charismatic anything. Now it's becoming increasingly clear to me why he's still unmarried 2 years later.

    5. So what he is no prophet? God ordained marriage for ALL, SAVED and UNSAVED. At least he is honest about the woman he desires to marry.

    6. I'm Baptist, so that whole modern day prophet thing isn't for me. And yes, he's honest and it's still a silly requirement. Like I said, it's clear why he is still unmarried.

    7. Nah. Nothing wrong with this man, so don't blame him.

      The Bible tells us "A good wife is hard to find".

      There are not many good ones out there!

    8. There is something wrong with this man and I will continue to blame him. He's arrogant and unrealistic and that's probably the main reason why he's unmarried. Not surprised.

    9. No it's not. You ain't no psychologist.

    10. Yes it is. And that’s that.

    11. A man who finds a (good).wife finds a good thing. Don't argue with God.

    12. I said what I said.

    13. Your words means nothing. God's words trumps t6ours any day...all day!


  4. I have a problem with some of the request on his list.

    some of them aren’t a Proverbs 31 woman, they are just his preferences.

    (The ability to sing, a certain height, specific age and absolutely gorgeous)

    And a few of these requests are things you’ll only find out about a person by getting to know them, not through and online application.

    (Are they Meek and congenital,
    An Intercessor, submitted and a great listener)
    All of those can be open to a persons personal interpretation or preference.

    And his Arrogance jumps off the page with statements like.

    Do you have what it takes to marry a prophet?

    Submit your application FOR REVIEW and “someone” will revert at the earliest convenience?!?!

    I am no expert on women, but I am sure that no woman wants to SUBMIT an application FOR REVIEW as if it’s a job, to see if they are marrying material for someone they never met who claims to be a prophet.

    And there is that DECREE stuff again.

  5. Ole boy needs a stylist, beard needs to be cut, and that suit is a hot sloppy tight mess and his square is wack.

    1. Right!

      This man is talking about the woman he would marry.

      YOU are talking about his beard and clothes.

      You ugly on the inside!


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