How A Church With Only 60 Members Afford Rent Free, A Two Million Dollar Home For It Pastor??

It's been reported that New Jersey Pastor Phil Rizzo does not pay property tax on his home because he declares it as a church residence. Rizzo is a successful real estate developer, the pastor of a small church, and a candidate for governor in New Jersey. But what’s getting attention is his plush parsonage, which is growing plusher by the day. In 2015, Rizzo and his wife paid $1.55 million for a five-bedroom, seven-bath home on 6 acres of land. Two years later they sold the house for $1.65 million to City Baptist Church, a small, independent church with locations in Hoboken and North Bergen. But the Rizzo’s continue to live in the house. The church, which Rizzo founded after converting to Christianity in 2009 is so small that Rizzo is one of only two staff members listed as working there. It’s not clear where the church got the money for the house. A 2017 article about the church’s fifth anniversary said it had 60 members. While owned by the church, the 6,725-square-foot house has undergone extensive renovations and was once listed for sale at a price of $2.65 million. The house is not currently for sale, but Zillow says it is currently worth $2.2 million.


  1. I see nothing wrong here. This pastor as a successful real estate developer made and used tons of his own money to buy this house and sold it to his church. Members of his church testify how much this pastor sacrifices to serve them and how he pours his heart and soul into helping people. They have no problem at all with him living there free. All of what is done here is legal and within the law established way back in 1921 by Congress allowing for clergy housing. My concern is why would anyone seek to wanna witch hunt to make this an issue. Instead of wasting time to attempt to expose, maybe they should be spending time seeking the God who made them so they may be ready when He returns to seperate the sheep from the goat.

    1. Shut up! You don't know what in the hell you talking about. I'm from New Jersey, it's very unethical to open a church then let the church buy your home and you live in it tax free, because you declared your holdings as non profit that your church owns. Not what we need as the next governor of NJ
      we have enough politicians that are unethical. Never mind Phil Rizzo is another multi millionaire Governors that are multi millionaires never do NJ any good perfect examples are Whitman, Corzine and Murphy .But Phil Rizzo is worst he pays no taxes ! At least the other multi millionaires governors payed some taxes Including Murphy paid over 200k Property taxes and Phil Rizzo paid 0....Let that sink in.

    2. I don't give a crap where you from.

      And like I used to say when I was a kid (I'm quite sure you'll understand you acting like one) "SHUT UP DON'T GO UP!".

      You are no authority on what's ethical. What this pastor did was totally legal. Let THAT SINK IN!!!

      Yall can scream all yall want until your boiling blood vessel breaks, but there are laws on the books that allow for this.

      And if you or anyone think those multi-millionaires are NOT using the law for tax write-offs, you are not only dumb to what's ethical, you are numb to common sense! How do you think most of them become multi-milliinares in the first place el NUMB NUMB?

      Bottom line like I said before, this pastor started this small church from ground ZERO. This church paid him nothing in his initial ministry.

      He loves his church. His church loves and respects him. I pray God's blessings and that the Lord will continue to bless them to grow in HIM!

      I also think God for this law to allow housing allowance.

      Don't come for me...unless I send for you!


  2. This seems like the ideal pastor serving HIMSELF over the people, with the people’s money.

    So he got tired of paying a mortgage, and DECIDED TO USE HIS CHURCHES MONEY to buy his house. (i’m just gonna assume there is no church board to watch over the pastor and the finances)

    So now the good pastor can sit in his mansion RENT FREE while the congregation pays the mortgage.

    Churches should NEVER buy a house for the pastor. Especially when he’s already a resident in.

    Churches are to be in support and service of the people not for the pastor.

    What part of any of this glorifies God?

    1. You should have read the article, and the referenced letter from the treasurer of that church. That way you would not have written such an ignorant comment!

  3. Remember this is a church asset now, which is a Blessing as it will increase in value. Smart, legal businnoess move.

    1. AGREED!

      And from what I understand, this pastor is the most generous giver within the congregation. And as he appears to be one full of wisdom, I applaud him for this business move, and his ministry to his flock. He started this church from ground zero not receiving a dime.


    2. It is high time to tax churches so can I claim I am a minister and claim my property as a parsonage and not pay property taxes? I mean if people like him can get away with it we should all claim to be pastors and not pay taxes.

  4. To me this article serves only one purpose and that is to bring strife and contention within the body of Christ. It raises unnecessary opinions and thoughts from believers and more ammunition for non-believers to never have nothing to do with Christianity.

    1. For me this article shows just how much of a fraud this thing is....he sold his house at a profit to his own church and now lives tax free in the "parsonage." Crook!

    2. Can we agree there are far more pertinent issues concerning the body of Christ? Is this pastor under federal investigation, has the IRS red flagged him?

    3. I TOTALLY 100% AGREE Rev.

      This law has been on the Books since 1921 with all good intent. They tried to rescind it back in 1956 I believe, but FAILED Miserably!

    4. I'm beginning to believe that these Ministry Watch groups like Julie Roys is doing it for the money. They are no better than those they say are doing ministry for money.

  5. Churches should pay taxes like the rest of us. What a crock.

    1. Dont come here mad about it. Take that up with your local politicians. Good look on getting those crooked Democrats to put in a bill for that. They know a lot of these greedy black preachers love this free housing stuff. They gotta do whatever to keep that black vote coming in.


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