Get Out Of Here, White Evangelical Supporters of Israel, Did You All Know That Abortion There Is Legal and Free?

In my opinion, this puts white conservative Christians in a dilemma. On one hand, nothing gets them as worked up, motivated, and voting like the promise of restricting and eventually banning abortion, while on the other, they are 100% pro Israel no matter what because "the end times" and will insist that any criticism of that country's government is hatred of all Jews, everywhere. Then throw in the fact the procedure is normally covered by that country's national health care which is "socialism" and mind blown and funded by our tax dollars. The fact that healthcare, including abortion, is legal and free in Israel, and guess who pays the tab? American taxpayers denied healthcare or the right to family planning.



  1. This John Fugelsang is a disassociated messy muddy JOKER!

    It's obvious he is making it known he loves everything about abortions

  2. Wow! I didn't know this. The white evangelicals will probably ignore this. Abortions are still wrong though, not sure why Israel would approve of abortion you'd think they'd want the numbers?

    1. Not only is Israel allows for the killing babies for free, but they condone the debauchery, the abomination of homosexuality and gay marriage BIG TIME. Yet this JOKER cherry pick abortion as his sin of choice evangelicals supporting ISRAEL. The problem is not white evangelicals. It is people John Fugalsang who tries to make a narrative and have no common sense in his ridiculous effort. The taxes this country gives to Israel is bipartisan - Republicans and Democrates (the party that aligned itself with the KKK).

    2. "The problem is not white evangelicals." <--- That will never be true for me on any level. Let's agree to disagree.

    3. It'll never be true for you because you don't know God and His Word to truly discern.

      You put too much stock in YOUR WORD!

      There is so much stank with this post it ain't funny.

    4. Fine by me! Have a nice day!

    5. Fine by you?

      It's shouldn't be.

      That's what you call pride.

      Everything you believe against "white" (and black) evangelicals, should be Scriptural based.

      You don't even cite the Bible, but rather give your opinion in most case.

      “For many are deceived by their own vain opinion; and an evil suspicion hath overthrown their judgment.”
      Ecclesiasticus 3:24


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