Do All Christians Think the Same?

Yall this was interesting to see. Confirms that one's belief varies from person to person. To have a relationship with God. To have faith. To seek repentance for our imperfections. There are so many interpretations of the Bible which is why there are so many churches. This was a bit hard to watch. But very eye-opening. All these people are very brave to be a part of this experiment. I feel sad that the one guy was questioning if he’s going to heaven. It’s so hard to have faith when you feel like everything about you is wrong. Just by being a believer of JESUS, your eternity is secured. Poor guy, 😭 I’m definitely praying for him.



  1. LOL...

    This is nothing but LGBT propaganda!

    Stevie Wonder can see that.

    They keep trying to justify the sin and abomination comparing homosexuality with certain foods we shouldn't eat / clothes we shouldn't wear.

    How DUMB!

    And just to answer the question, Yes Christians can think differently. Though when it comes to the Bible, all Christians should think the same (i.e. Doctrine, Homosexuality, Family, Music, Women Pastors, Church Going, Abortion, Spiritual Gifts, Sex, Marriage, Racism, Child Rearing, Counseling, et. al).


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