Congratulation Bishop Hezekiah Walker, On Your Launch Of The Center For Gospel Music, At Virginia Union University.

I'm grateful that Bishop Hezekiah Walker has begun this ministry for gospel music education. It's also vitally important for emerging artists, established artists, and gospel music enthusiasts to know the legacy and heritage of gospel music.  Virginia Union University (VUU) will launch the Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University. The academic center is the first of its kind in the United States. It will provide education and resources to help musicians and budding gospel artists to learn the cultural and business aspects of gospel music and the industry. Courses will be available to all VUU students and a variety of certification courses related to work in the industry will also be available to the general public. Walker, a second-year student of the Virginia Union University’s Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology said, “the strong theological training I’ve received here at Virginia Union during the past two years has helped to shape my ministry.” He continued, “My goal is to give back to the school that has poured so much into me, by helping emerging gospel artists learn the business, as well as theological aspects of the gospel music industry.


  1. What a joke!

    To help students learn the "theological" aspects of gospel music Hez?


    Not only that, but this dude is talking about the strong theological training he's receiving at Virginia Union.

    Since when did Virginia Union become a theology school?

    This man is no example to follow when it comes to doing music biblically.


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