The Late Pastor Zachery Tim's' Ex-Wife Riva Tim's, Has Just Married Her Bestfriend And The Love Of Her Life.


Church introducing Mr. & Ms. Robert Watkins.....Pastor Riva Tims has always been a class act to me.....Riva is the ex-wife of the late Pastor Zachery Tims, who was the CEO and founder of the New Christian Destiny Center Orlando FL.....Ms. Riva posted on her social media that she had married her best friend and the love of her life. Congratulations Ms. Riva.


  1. Congratulation Pastor Riva.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Watkins!! They are a beautiful couple.
    Won't HE do it!!

  3. That’s where the church goer member’s’ money goes: to diamond rings and accessories like that and to the good life for their pastors!!! Meanwhile their congregation barely scratches for a living!!! Falling like suckers for their hypocrisy!!!

    1. Anonymous, you're assuming much. Most pastors OWN their own businesses, have successful CAREERS, and WORK for a living, as do most members. It's called enterprise, entrepreneurship, investing, innovation, invention, ingenuity, education, creativity, and good old-fashioned work ethic. Most successful churches are the visionaries and catalysts, activists, advocates and social liaisons spearheading MANY faith-based governmental funding projects for their communities. Leaders are usually the biggest givers and largest donors within the ministries in which they are entrusted and oversee, even when NOONE is giving, and there is much lack. Upgrade your 'mis-information', get knowledge instead of ignorance, and learn to be happy for others. If you're angry or jealous, just say that. CONGRATULATIONS & CELEBRATORY salutations are in order. Move around now.

    2. Anonymous and how do you know their wedding was paid with church money?
      It's very sad that people will not question how the money they give to politicians is spent...but are quickly to assume that a pastor/preacher is stealing.....many of these critics do not attend any church...look in the mirror b 4 criticizing anyone...

  4. No I'm not a member of that church, I’m just looking at the fools from afar!!! And what I see is a bunch of ignorants lacking true faith and giving what little money they can scratch with their sweat and sacrifice, to a couple of swindlers who like to live at the expense of the most vulnerable, poor souls that don’t know better!!! The real Jesus never charged nobody for his teachings!!! You see, God’s word doesn’t have a price; it is not for sale!!!

    1. They didn’t have a wedding per se. It was private at the courthouse. So much for your uninformed vitriolic diatribe of falsehoods.

  5. "Even a stubborn fool is thought to be wise if he keeps silent.
    He is considered intelligent if he keeps his lips sealed." GW

  6. Congratulations to the blessed couple.


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