So Bishop Randy White Done Went And Spilled The Tea On Ex-wife Paula White.

 Church the internet is ablaze over an alledged post by Bishop Randy White, the ex-husband of trump's spiritual advisory Paula White.  These two are no strangers to this blog you can read about some of their foolishness here.  But to catch yall up to date, here's a little history about Paula and Randy White, and how they destroyed other people's lives in order to push their own agenda.  It's alleged that shortly after being saved at the age of 18, Paula Michelle Furr White left her first husband and ran off with Randy White, her Maryland church’s pastor, who was at the time married with three young children – a fact to this day, she does not include in her redemption testimony. 

White was married and had a child when she met Randy White, an associate pastor at her church. It's alleged that at the time Randy was also married and had three children. Paula and Randy left their spouses & married in 1989. By 2007 they announced they were getting a divorce. At the time this was taking place it was alleged that Paula was sleeping with a number of black bishops for that come-up bag.....those men shall remind anonymous. All I can say about this is I believe Randy....remember that the seeds you sow in this life good or bad, you are going to have to reap the harvest from those seeds. 


  1. Paula White left her first husband and ran off with Randy who also left his wife and children? Paula White slept with NUMEROUS Black preachers?! Multiple affairs with married men?! I am shocked, stunned and SMH.

    I thought Paula White was only guilty of being a First Fruits Liar, a Prophetess of Cultural Appropriation, a tRumper who used the black church for her come up, an All Purpose Fake, False Preacher and Church Stealer. Now I see there is more to Paula White. I hope Randy White spills all the beans and frees his mind and soul!

  2. Well, well well let's see her pray (lie) her way out of this one. Roland Martin gone have a field day with this one. .....goes to get the popcorn for the show.

  3. Okay, so I just read that Randy White has stated he did NOT make this post, that someone gained access to his account and made the post. If someone is lying on PW, that is wrong. Just tell the truth.

  4. If his Instagram account had been hacked then why is the post and account still up?

  5. I don’t know why it’s still up. I was saying if it was a hack, the person may be lying. I think there is a lot of truthful, negative information about PW that may or may not come out.


  6. Neither one of them is trust worthy or creditable.

    They are both cartoonishly false in their ministry and have no clue what truly leading a church means.

    Let them fight it out. I am going to read my Bible and find some good ministers to follow.

  7. It's fake. He is being hacked.

    1. Where is the proof that his account was hacked?

  8. Anyone want the whole truth?

    I was married to Randy’s first wife and raised his 3 children.

    He now claims that he has a “tumor “. What a joke


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