Bishop Jakes Come Under Fire For $1, 250 Fanny Pack!


Church the social media folks are going all-in on Bishop T.D.Jake and his expensive fanny pack. Now I don't see a problem with the fanny pack, could it have been a gift from a loved one or a friend?   

 We’re one week in and Bishop TD Jakes has already secured the bag to secure a bag. 

Posted by Preachersnsneakers on Monday, January 11, 2021



  1. Bishop T.D. Jakes is a grown man and can buy and wear whatever he wants. Or it could have been a gift. Haters gon' hate. They probably got a knock off at the wig shop for those who don't want to spend the money.


  2. Regardless of who purchased it, $1250 for a outdated fashion Fanny pack is a rip off.

    Plus. He is a multimillionaire with aids and armor bearers (insert eye roll) to carry his stuff. Why would he need a Fanny pack any way.

  3. I have no problem with Bishop Jakes. Considering he is the most popular and probably wealthiest preacher in the world, he does a fine job of not being too flashy. However, any man that large should not be wearing a Fanny pack. I didn’t even think they would make it to fit his size lol


    This DUDE has been named the BLACK POPE by Times Magazine. He is a world renown Christian Leader of our times, and the PRESS he is getting is about his cute little fanny pack (LOL!).

    This is so RIGHT to the FITTING!

  5. I'll be glad when people start minding their own business. This man is richer than rich, why not enjoy the fruit of your labor, rather than leaving it for someone else to spend. You can't die and take it with you and when you become 60 plus, your days are number. More power to him!

  6. Maybe he can stuff his "fanny pack" with Gospel Tracks, knocking door to door handing them out to a lost and dying world. Think Jakes will do such a thing?

  7. Who cares, he's rich, he earned his $$$ (books, preach etc.) The virus, our country is about to be overtaken by racists. I more concerned about that than some fanny purse.

  8. Fanny packs are known for being worn by gay men. Rumors are already out there about TD Jakes anyways. All this is beginning to make sense now. You know what I mean?

  9. He looks very down low in this picture.


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