Charles Stanley Steps Down As Senior Pastor At First Baptist Church, Atlanta GA.

Church prominent faith leader the Rev. Charles Stanley, who built a thriving broadcast ministry, announced on Sunday that he will become pastor emeritus of First Baptist Church of Atlanta. Stanley, 87, has led the congregation for 51 years. Stanley will be succeeded by senior associate pastor Anthony George, as previously announced when forming the succession plan. (You can read that here)


  1. Sad to see him retire but he earned it.

  2. I have been so blessed by this man’s ministry! I only attended his church once but countless sermons from him have reached my ears and my spirit on television, radio, online, etc. We all are called by God to do something... so my encouragement to you is to do it- finish your assignment. You never know who will be blessed through you. Thank you for your service Mr. Charles Stanley!

  3. Quality teaching and preaching. Not a bunch of hollering, sweating, and spitting. When you leave one of his sermons, you leave with something substantive to help you live a victorious life in Christ Jesus. Well done!

  4. Charles Stanley is an excellent Bible teacher. God used him & his ministry to help me through so much in my life. I grew as a Christian because of him

    1. He is excellent!! His successor has big shoes to fill

    2. Ms. Ann this saddens my heart. I love Dr. Stanley. His ministry is humble and full of love - God’s love. He never gets involved with the political aspects of the world. He simply teaches God’s love and word. Wishing this true saint a healthy retirement and many more days on Earth.

  5. Wonderful teachings. No scandals. I pray that whoever comes behind you keeps the same message and not water down the word.

  6. This was my grandmas radio Pastor, and then as I got older I found myself listening to him as well. His teaching challenged you to live an overcoming Christian virtue filled life.

  7. What a wonderful legacy. His teaching is inspiring and uplifting. I learned so much from him. Well done!


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