Yall Look At This Foolishness!!!

Church God help us, this is the "spiritual advisor" to the idiot in the White House.  Apart from the laughing at the gibberish and the embarrassing posturing, it's probably worth remembering that the "waggle dance" is performed not by the queen but by the (female) worker bees to inform their co-workers where they have found sources of food. It's a fine example of both of the workers' organization and co-operation and of the ignorance of Trump's advisors.


  1. What is it these women want to preach about bees? Juanita Bynum did her Beyonce sermon about the queen bee.

    1. @anonymous,

      Bees have an esoteric meaning and importance in Satanic rituals. These women preaching about them is to validate their position within the wicked culture.

    2. Amen Shepherd.




    3. The fact that people still listen to her is astonishing to me.

  2. That meth is one hell of a drug

  3. She has ALWAYS been a satanic ding-bat. Her new husband and son, too.


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