Where They At, Where They At, Silent Preachers We Watching You👀


Church the below Facebook post is from a concerned sister wanting to know why so many pastors have gone ghost on the injustice that is taking place in our country right now. Where are all the big name, popular, black, and white preachers that we love so much?! They are missing in action! Ain't nobody said nothing concerning the protests, rioting, and looting in MN! I haven't heard one come out yet in support of George Floyd! A lot of them are silent.  Kudos to the few preachers that I've seen and heard on video that have spoken against these injustices that are taking place and are in support of having those evil, racist cops prosecuted for life in prison.
If they cannot use their voices and influence to speak out for those who have no voice and to dismantle evil ideologies and philosophies in our nation's foundation, is it possible that their platform may be removed? It's a question worth considering.

It’s easy for the silent preachers to talk about Africa and Haiti and the work they do over there. Yet in addressing the issues in the U.S. it comes too close to home. They do not want to face their own racial privilege at the cost of others. Most likely they support the idiot in the White House and most likely they will remain silent unless they are feeling “patriotic” like a certain megachurch pastor in the Austin area who called Black Lives Matter protestors “punks who don’t respect authority.”
Christ silent preachers, we’ve watched your sermons. We’ve sowed into your ministries. We purchase your books. We attend your conferences and watch your live streams. You are leaders to many and we are waiting for and watching for your response to the murder of George Floyd.

 Signed, Concerned Sister in Christ
Steven Furtick
Joel Osteen 
Perry Stone Ministries 
Pastor Rick Warren 
Bill Johnson 
Paula White-Cain 
Joyce Meyer Ministries
John MacArthur 
Bishop Bill Hamon 
Heidi Baker 
In Touch Ministries 
Hagee Ministries 
Benny Hinn Ministries 
Patricia King
Cindy Jacobs
Lance Wallnau


  1. Miss Ann,

    @Concerned Sister doesn’t understand that the preachers she’s listed have their eyes 👀 on them bags 💰💰💰.

    Any talk of Floyd right now might just literally change their earnings in a minute. They will say something but it will be well crafted so as not to antagonize the cohort that contributes ever so generously to their lifestyles. And that cohort ain’t predominantly black.

    Thank concerned sister for her concerns, but she must know where the souls of these men and women lie: NOT in the WORD of God.

  2. Why does the Black church only care about racism??? But silent on every other injustice and unrighteousness in society?!?

    1. @anonymous,

      You have to look behind the scenes and analyze the lifestyle of the “black church”. Because if something can put food on your table, clothes on your back, gas in your vehicle, you ride with it.

      For example, when I got to know what sort of man MLK made was in behind the scenes, the “I have a dream speech” replayed was never the same for me.

    2. @anonymous,

      Thank you. And say that again for those at the back!

  3. Check back on Monday and see if anyone of these folk include this issue in their Sunday morning sermons tomorrow. Just a thought.....but I’m certainly not hopeful. All of those preachers cater to a certain “niche” in Christianity and tend to consistently stay silent on this issue to not ruffle any feathers.

  4. Are there others who get the same sense that I do that the poster who uses the moniker "Anonymous" is the same individual for like 4-5 other postings? This is the sickness that I have spoken about previously. But, that's another issue...

    Unfortunately, peaceful protests go unheard. When the people of Russia had had enough it was the people that assassinated the Tsar and the Royal Family in addition to other destruction. In France, the people chopped off the heads of those in charge in addition to other destruction. You can only push the people so far and not expect a forceful backlash. The fact is that the people have grown tired. They have peacefully protested, written letters, made the phone calls, etc. All to no avail. While I don't condone the looting and violence... there could be a reason for it. "Somebody" stepped way too hard on the toes of the people. But, as the message was given atop of a burning building last night; "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?" The answer is, yes... The people have had so much taken from them--even their dignity, over generation after generation,etc that they have reached a point that they have begun to fight back and take back that which was taken and stolen from them. We don't know how that will manifest itself. All that we know is that it is real and it usually is emotion driven.

    We're not hearing much from these so-called "leaders" because many of them now know that they are on the wrong side of history. This is white supremacy point blank. Many of us could have told them this on Jan 21, 2017. They have supported this current occupant in the White House who since his beginning has been race baiting and using divisiveness. Well... be careful what you do. You just might see your worst nightmare come alive.

    I believe that we will witness a lot of re-alignment of these so-called leaders as time goes on. It was already happening. There are too many decent people who do not want to be a part this type of mess.

    1. Dr King was not the only game in town, "Anonymous." It is many more than just him alone who are responsible for Black civil rights. In fact, King speaks of rioting and rioters in his "The Other America" speech;

      "...But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say
      tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard..."

      As for looting? This country was founded on looting. Just ask the Indians. When the colonists were being over taxed by Britain what was looted and destroyed in Boston? When Sherman marched through the Confederacy who was looted and homes and businesses burned to the ground? On and on...

  5. We the black people need to stop supporting everyone who is silent about our slaughter. The end.

    1. I agree, want our culture but don't want anything to do with our struggle.

    2. Yes. And to this day, I back Dr.MLK's message.


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