”The Coronavirus Was An Emergency Until Trump Found Out Who Was Dying!”

Church this is a must-read. One of the best writers on the intersection of politics and race in the United States. Not only the idiot in the White House but most of White America, upon realizing victims were mostly black and brown, immediately began protesting to have cities reopened. This pandemic has truly brought out the reality of America's racism.


  1. When you read the article then come back and comment, until then keep your comments to your self.

  2. my grandfather and grandmother survive the 1918 pandemic and said most people of color died. I see history repeating itself

  3. Black folks can't be racist, they might be prejudice, but racist nope.

  4. This thing is bigger than Black and White. Yes they will use Blacks as guinea pigs. But Gates wants to inoculate all of mankind.

    Before Vaccines (1800 to 1910), Mortality Rate due to infections 0.7 per 1000.

    After Vaccines - 1910 to 2020, Mortality Rate due to infections 7.14 per 1000 (10 times higher).

    This one they are trying to rush without thorough testing will cause way more fatalities.

    1. What is your source for the vaccine data?

      While I agree rushing vaccine development will cause a higher risk of fatalities, I'm not certain your statistic cited is relevant.
      Also I do not agree with these companies getting expanded legal protection of the screw something up.

    2. GO TO


      Before Vaccines (1800 to 1910), Mortality Rate due to infections 0.7 per 1000

      It was found that a lot of diseases ie Cholera, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid Fever were bacterial due to contaminated water and food.


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