Thank You Pastor Carl Lentz For Standing With Us And Proclaiming, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!

We're all gonna get through this': Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz ...

Church it's only fair that I mention this, Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong NYC sent a message out loud and clear, to the whole church community, that he joins the rally against racism and police brutality in Harlem.  I've seen a lot of people asking where white churches are, well here you go.


  1. So they trash their own neighborhoods and then what? I'll tell you, the neighborhood will have lots of blight and burned out buildings. This will be blamed on racism when YT doesn't come clean up all of the trash and tear down the burned out buildings and build new ones. Of course, it will quickly be forgotten that you are the ones who burned everything up.

    Businesses will not return because the cost of insurance will go sky high in those areas. This is known as redlining. We will be told that it's because of white racism and the reason the insurance rates for businesses in that area and the reason why businesses refuse to locate there is because they don't like black people because of the color of their skin.

    The reality is that businesses are in business to earn a profit, not pay high insurance rates. They don't want their business in your community not because they don't like black people but because they don't want to pay the high insurance rates.

    And why is insurance high in those areas? Is it white racism? No. It's because at ANY GIVEN MOMENT you all may loot and burn everything down in sight. That's why the insurance rates are sky high.

    I look forward to all of the articles and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth bemoaning the fact that businesses don't want to set up shop in the "community" which will then be blamed on the white man and his racism.

    1. Don't come up in here with those faux news talking points, trying to blame black folks because businesses refusing to come to our community. And by the way who's trashing their own neighborhood? Last time I check the news, there were just as many white folks looting rioting destroying property. The majority of the people who was burning down Minneapolis were paid professional protesters who don't live there. And now the citizens who do live there have to suffer the consequences.

  2. Carl is white. So you like Carl Ann?

    1. He's alright, I never had a problem with him.

    2. What does his color have to do with anything???

  3. There will be some that cleave to the Children of Jacob.
    Isaiah 14:7.

  4. Miss Ann,

    Carl would still like to be around invited to that Cook Out.

    His post was rather general and not specific. By quoting MLK, he knew he would be relevant and didn’t need to speak with clarity!

    We need to go back in time to check what he said, for example, about the death of Eric Garner (2014); then maybe we can deduce Carl is consistent.

    The timing of Carl’s post is after there’s been a ripple effect of the Minnesota riots and not after the death of Floyd. Actually his post refers specifically to the riots and NOT the death of a black man.

    1. I don't know about being invited to the cook out, but I can tell from his action he gets it. In the conversation he had yesterday with Bishop Blake was very powerful.

    2. Miss Ann,

      All these powerful conversations do not validate the character of a man! Watch their fruit.

      Right now they are speaking on that which folk want to hear. But if we are to examine their track record, it would be a different story!


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