Please Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Resisting Peer Pressure.

Church I saw the video this morning and it breaks my heart. While some are suggesting that all the ones who were recording and encouraging him to swim should be charged with murder, which I don't agree with.  You can hear them in the video saying if he starts to drowned they would save him and nobody even attempted to. The video footage capturing the horrifying incident has gone viral on social media.

What do yall think should the onlookers be charged with murder?


  1. Our people are disgusting.
    But we have the audacity to judge how white people treat us.
    If a white boy had of watched him drown yall would have been all over social media crying, whining and complaining but because it's black people its aiight.
    Yall are disgusting.

    1. I'm definitely not speaking for myself because everyone who watched him drown needs to be punished for his death.
      So accept the fact that you are hypocritical in your beliefs and being called out for it.

    2. I disagree with you, now if he was a young child I could see charging the onlookers with murder. This young man made a bad decision that caused him his life.This was a terrible accident no one is to blame we all have been teenagers and did foolish things if his mother can say it was not no one fault we can to.

    3. Right so the same goes for these thugs, criminals, street bois and trash that get killed by the cops.
      No one is to blame but them.

    4. I haaaaate.. to admit it, but Chance Marq, your point is kinda harsh and that's the main reason why most black folks that see what you just said can't stand it, but you make a seriously good point. IF this had been a white boy, it would've been "OVER". My main thing is for me personally I just hope this brother was saved. As far as his so-called friends are concerned, I kinda doubt it with all the vile cussin' foolish talk going on. This is soooo pitiful....

  2. Ernest RobinsonTuesday, 26 May, 2020

    Ms. Ann, a Navy Seal wouldn't have taken this bet to prove himself,, Please Please folks tell your kids they don't have to prove anything to anyone,,,,the sad part is the confidence he had in his friends, if he got into trouble someone would come get him,,,,,Now you see kids, when you in deep trouble , no one will come through,, please share this with our kids,,,,THIS IS NOT FUN, May God comfort this family.

  3. That's the sad part.
    None of them even tried to help him.

    1. They didn't help because they were either cowards or they couldn't swim themselves.

    2. Chance what if not one person in the crowd could swim? Just maybe that's the real reason no one went to helped him.

  4. Peer pressure usually ends in death. For some it’s instant death and for others it takes a lifetime before they die. Isn’t it something how peer pressure is always laced with having a good time or being bored or gaining money you didn’t have to work for? Its a sad scenario yet a teachable moment for my kids.

    Unfortunately the only person who we can blame is the person that drowned. He listened and acted and now he is dead with all the onlookers to live in regret for the rest of their lives. It wasn’t even worth it.

    I don’t expect any of the onlookers to jump in to help because they had already said there was a drop off in the lake AND I assumed none of them could swim AND save a life at the same time.

  5. Miss Ann,

    Ain’t no way I could bring myself to watch a young man’s death! Social media is at another level.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have posted this. Totally distasteful! The recording crew, the fools egging him on, & those circulating the clip online and offline!

    What has this world come to?

    My heart goes out to the young man’s family, praying that God comforts them in this most difficult moment!


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