Pastor Reginald Sharpe Jr. Public Service Announcement😂😭

Lord have mercy, Pastor Reginald Sharpe Jr. "said we WILL NOT return back to church until the Lord himself wakes him up out of his sleep..#SLAPS him three times..pours water from heaven on his face..and warms his feet with the fire of the Holy Ghost 😂😭God is still requiring us to use wisdom through a pandemic situation."


  1. Im ok with him doing that. The African American community has been hit very hard, especially in the urban cities. While unfortunate, Black America is going to have to create their own phases for coming out of the shelter in place orders in order to stay alive. Furthermore, no one will ever be able to blame this church for them catching the corona virus. It is also true, I find that so many places are open (for economic sake) but other things remain closed on purpose. Here in Florida especially my county, county offices are straight up CLOSED. My question to them was if it’s so safe for everyone to resume business as usual, why don’t you open your doors to the public too??? AND if its so safe to go to the gym, open up the parks and let the kids go play in the playground and open up these community pools for everyone to hop in (and we have tons of springs and swimming holes down here). Oh well, just my thoughts……

    1. CP, I agree with what Pastor Sharpe said and how he said it. If not mistaken, his church has a very large number of senior saints, at least that's how it were when Charles Jenkins was the pastor.

  2. So God is going to slap him three times and throw water in his face? Why is this fool lying on God?

  3. Good for him, and FINALLY someone who has the FLOCK's best interest at heart.

    1. If he disrespwcts God, he cares nothing for the people. Until you understand this truth, you will bust hell wide open. God is not going to pour water on his face from heaven. This man is a liar. We gotta be willing to lose our life for His sake.


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